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Special Senator® - The increased gear ratio in this range makes cranking big fish to the boat far easier. They're particularly useful for fishing in deeper water, where the extra winding speed comes in very handy for bringing your gear back to the boat when re-baiting.
Like its older brothers, the Special Senators® have a powerful, multi-disk drag system, two Stainless Steel ball bearings, a manganese-bronze main gear and a precision-machined Stainless Steel pinion gear.

Senator® - These reels remain one of the most trusted and powerful on the market. In fact, if you step on board any big game boat, anywhere in the world, you're likely to see an original Penn Senator® still working - even decades after it was manufactured - they're practically indestructible! You may recall seeing a Senator® reel 'tick' and 'scream' in the famous movie 'Jaws' - just another claim to fame for this tried and trusted range. If you're not chasing sharks the size of a small house, then the smaller 113, 114 and 114L models are ideal for targeting sharks, common skate and conger eels in European waters. Key features include a powerful multi-disk star drag, a Stainless Steel pinion gear and a manganese-bronze main gear.

  • Precision-machined, stainless steel pinion gear
  • High strength, manganese-bronze main gear
  • Stainless steel reinforced side plates
  • Multi-disc star drag system for smooth & consistant drag
  • Anodised aluminium spool
SAP Commercial Name Nb of ball bearings + iar Line capacity (meter/mm) Line capacity (yard/lb) Gear ratio Recovery Weight Max drag (lbs/kg)
1151085 115L 2 1051m/0.56mm 1150yd/30lb 2.5:1 28"/711mm 57oz/1616g 23.5lb/10.575kg
1151086 116L 2 1371m/0.76mm 1500yd/60lb 2:1 29"/737mm 89oz/2523g 30lb/13.5kg
1152013 112H2 2 411m/0.46mm 450yd/20lb 4.1:1 29"/737mm 21oz/595g 11lb/4.95kg
1153838 113H2 2 402m/0.56mm 440yd/30lb 3.3:1 26"/660mm 30oz/850g 20lb/9kg
1153839 113H2LH 2 402m/0.56mm 440yd/30lb 3.3:1 26"/660mm 30oz/850g 20lb/9kg
1153840 113H2SP 2 402m/0.56mm 440yd/30lb 3.3:1 26"/660mm 35oz/992g 20lb/9kg
1153841 113H2LW 2 448m/0.61mm 490yd/40lb 3.3:1 26"/660mm 31/879g 20lb/9kg
1187311 114H2SP 2 755m/0.36mm 450yd/50lb 2.9:1 28"/711mm 45oz/1275g 22lb/9.9kg
1187312 114H2LW 2 512m/0.71mm 560yd/50lb 2.9:1 28"/711mm 48oz/1360g 22lb/9.9kg
1187313 114H2 2 411m/0.71mm 450yd/50lb 3.3:1 26"/660mm 31oz/879g 22lb/9.9kg
1187314 113L2 2 594m/0.46mm 650yd/20lb 2.0:1 16"/406mm 27oz/765g 19lb/8.55kg
1187315 114L2 2 662m/0.56mm 725yd/30lb 2.1:1 21"/533mm 44oz/1247g 21lb/9.45kg

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